Steel City, City on the Move – a New Solo Exhibition of Jo Peel, a Rising Star of the UK Contemporary Art Movement

Steel City, City on the Move – a New Solo Exhibition of Jo Peel, a Rising Star of the UK Contemporary Art Movement

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Jo Peel
, a visual artist – painter, printmaker, animator and explorer of the urban metamorphosis – was born in Sheffield. She got her BA Hons degree in illustration from Falmouth Art College, and the illustrative style of painting is still highly visible in her works, although she expresses herself through variety of mediums including huge public murals and hand painted animations to canvas and fine art editions. Her signature style revolves around ornate line drawings of the textured facades of buildings and remnants of heavy-duty cranes.

Jo Peel - Safety Starts Here

Jo has also created a number of stop motion animation short films based upon huge wall murals which she paints and repaints for each frame. This slow and demanding process may take three or four weeks for a 3 minute edit.   Her three-minute-long animation short Things Change painted on the Village Underground Wall in Shoreditch, London attracted over 100,000 views on Vimeo and was shortlisted for best animation as part of the 2012 programme at Encounters Short film and Animation festival.

The architectural aspect of Jo’s work has led to her being commissioned to paint large murals such as the courtyard mural for Child Graddon Lewis on Commercial Road, painted for the 2012 London Design Festival.

In 2014 Jo created a spectacular 300m wall painting for the Living Walls mural at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, commissioned by the London Legacy Development Corporation, in collaboration with Moniker Projects.

Jo is currently working on her largest solo exhibition to date which will take place at Sheffield’s Millennium Gallery this summer.

Jo Peel -Henderson's relish

The exhibition Steel City, City on the Move will examine present day narratives surrounding the steel-making industry in Sheffield and its twin city of Pittsburgh, USA, formally the steel capital of the world. Focused on the present but drawing on the cities’ parallel heritage, the show will explore how far the socio-economic landscape within the ‘Steel Cities’ has moved away from the community of the factory.

Distilled from in-depth research and first-hand interviews with residents of Sheffield and Pittsburgh from all walks of life, exhibition Steel City, City on the Move will celebrate the immense variety of community and culture which exists within these two great post-industrial centres and highlight the ways in which rich heritage forms the present-day sense of identity of each city.

As Jo Peel stated herself, she was amazed how the steel heritage pervades both cities and still prevails in the present identity.

Additionally, the exhibition takes its inspiration from Sheffield, City on the Move, a 1970s promotional film produced by the City of Sheffield, which is today often seen as a misguidedly optimistic prophecy of the city’s fortunes. Exploring how the industry has come to shape contemporary Sheffield, Jo Peel is trying to reclaim the ‘Steel City’ nickname as a positive epithet and source of pride.

Jo Peel’s solo exhibition Steel City, City on the Move will be running in the Millennium Gallery in Sheffield from the 1st of July until 11th of October 2015 with free entry.

The show will consist of new paintings, large-scale gallery based and offsite wall murals, films and prints created specifically for the exhibition.

Jo Peel - Sellfridges

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