Petr Bařinka – a unique visual artist creating whole new worlds out of his imagination.

Petr Bařinka – a unique visual artist creating whole new worlds out of his imagination.

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Petr Bařinka is a prolific Czech visual artist, at the moment living and working in Slovakia. This universally talented artist studied graphics, animation, illustration and sculpture in Prague and later painting in Bratislava.

Petr’s visual portfolio is very varied and his work is often characterised by a certain lightness, playfulness, but also great attention to detail and often very demanding and time consuming techniques.

He is known for creating his own worlds, alternative realities – whether they are visually inspired by the design of old video games, comic strips, fairy tales or industrial spaces – and fills them with characters, which could occupy these worlds.

The year 2014 has been especially fruitful for this young, talented visual artist – with five exhibitions by now in Slovakia and Czech Republic and one more to be opened next week in the Freshman’s pop up Gallery in Bratislava.

The first of these exhibitions, Dark Memory, was cooperation with a Slovak artist Michal Bôrik and it was held Nitra Gallery, Slovakia. Because of its great success the artists decided to get together again and show an updated version again in The Gallery of Eastern Slovakia in Kosice in October 2014.

Here Petr Bařinka introduced the mysterious creatures Night Visitors, tall dark beings with no mouth, big eyes and long tentacles, which inhabit the empty industrial spaces, roam old communist shopping centres, sport halls or underground caves, and later go to sleep peacefully in (their?) neat bedrooms. (If you are interested in these creatures, please check out the article on the Dark Memory exhibition in Rough UK from February 2014)

People of Bratislava could enjoy Petr Bařinka’s elaborate embroidered and subsequently coloured vector paintings at the exhibition Diversity Required held by Slovak National Gallery. Only one of the paintings – Complicated Structure No.1 took Petr two months to complete due to his unique, refined technique of colouring the embroidered lines. The final outcome looks almost like a very fine plastic drawing.

Another exhibition with Petr Bařinka’s participation, The Dragon is Waking up, was hosted by the Czech National Gallery in Prague and only finished in November 2014. This exhibition was inspired by old East Asian and oriental art as well as modern Japanese pop culture and showcased works created after the year 2000.

One of Petr’s latest projects is a limited edition Night Visitors Calendar 2015 signed by the author. So if you, like me, fell in love with these mysteries tall silent creatures, do not hesitate to order one while you check out Petr’s website at:


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